About Us

  • Our Wide Range of Services

We cover all aspects of medical, nursing and home care and there is a package suitable for everybody.

  • Our Promise

The provision of excellent care and support lies at the heart of our service. We will not compromise on the quality of our service.


We are the EXPERTS in managing the healthcare needs of OLDER PEOPLE.

A Geriatrician is a doctor that specialises in the medical care of older people. As we grow older, we accumulate so many different problems. It takes a Geriatrician to sort them out comprehensively, correctly and holistically.

Unfortunately, not many physicians or medical doctors are trained to look after the peculiar health concerns of elderly people and that is why they frequently get medically mismanaged and suffer needlessly.

The good news is, JBS Medicare Services, with it’s specialists and expertise in Geriatric Medicine & Elderly Care, is here to address the need & bridge the gap.

JBS Medicare services is the leading Elderly Healthcare service provider in Nigeria.

It is the only Consultant Geriatrician led private elderly healthcare service nationwide and provides an all inclusive specialist medical, nursing, therapy and home healthcare service.

We are the leaders in Elderly Healthcare in Nigeria and every one of our patients is managed by expert, fully trained Consultant Geriatricians.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Unrivalled Expertise

Our management team and board of directors bring an unrivalled wealth of expertise in Healthcare management, Medical leadership and International training to the company. Our founding partner and CEO is a highly experienced Consultant in Geriatrics & Stroke Medicine in the United Kingdom and on our board of directors, we are proud to have a top class Consultant Psychogeriatrician and Dementia Specialist who also provides direct input into the management and care of our clients.

Our Culture of Excellence

We will never compromise on our standards of care and service. Consequently, we operate a strict zero-tolerance policy with our staff on issues that affect the quality and delivery of any aspect of our service. We place a premium on honesty, transparency, dedication and commitment. We handpick all our doctors, nurses, therapists and administrative staff, and ensure everyone undergoes training sessions to imbibe and cultivate our culture of excellence. Those who fall short in practice will not be employed by us.

The Quality of Our Products and Services

From our pristine uniforms, to our state of the art equipment, to our vetting and training process, we display our culture of paying attention to detail and this transcends to the desired outcome we are passionate to achieve if overall excellent geriatric care.